Licensing Fees

Individual License

The services that fall under this license are generally infrastructure-oriented. Those services often provide the network/foundation upon which other services (such as Value-Added Services) can be supported.

Licence CodeDescriptionApplication FeeInitial FeeAnnual Licence Fee
PMTPublic Mobile Telecommunications$1,000$20,0003.0% of Gross Revenue
FPTFixed Public Telecommunications$1,000$20,0003.0% of Gross Revenue
PRPPublic Radio Paging$1,000$20,0003.0% of Gross Revenue
INSInternet Network/ Services$1,000$20,0003.0% of Gross Revenue
SCLSubmarine Cable Landing$1,000$50,000$50,000
ISP3Internet Service Provision (> 25 Units)$1,000$20,0003.0% of Gross Revenue
BAMBroadcast AM Radio Station$500$500$500
BFMBroadcast FM Radio Station$500$500$500
BTVBroadcast Television Station$500$500$500
STL1Television STL Microwave$500$500 

Class Licence (Type A)

The services that fall under Type A Class License are those for which applicants seek to be providers of telecommunications services, such as Internet Service Protocol and International Simple Voice Resale.

License CodeDescriptionApplication FeeInitial FeeAnnual License Fee
ISP1Internet Services Provision (1-5 Units)$100$500N/A
ISP2Internet Services Provision (6-25 Units)$500$500$500
VASValue Added Services$500$5,0003.0% of Gross Revenue
AVTAudio Text / Video Text$500$5,0003.0% of Gross Revenue
PNSPrivate Network/ Services$500$5,000$2,000
ISRInternational Simple Voice Resale$500$2,0003.0% of Gross Revenue

Class Licence (Type B)

The services that fall under Type B Class License are those for which applicants would be users of telecommunications services. They include Amateur Radio, Land Mobile Radio, Maritime Mobile Radio and Aeronautical  Mobile Radio Services.

License CodeDescriptionApplication FeeInitial FeeAnnual License Fee
ARAmateur Radio   
ARN– Novice$25$50$50
ARG– General$25$50$50
ARA– Advanced$25$50$50
AR– Temporary Call-Sign$25$50N/A
CBRCitizen Band Radio$25$50$50
FRNFamily Radio$25$50$50
LMLand Mobile Radio$200  
LMB– Base Station $75 / unit$75 / unit
LMR– Repeater $500 / unit$500 / unit
LMM– Mobile $75 / unit$75 / unit
LMP– Handheld $50 / unit$50 / unit
MMMaritime Mobile Radio$200  
MMB– Base Station $75 / unit$75 / unit
MMR– Repeater $500 / unit$500 / unit
MMM– Mobile $75 / unit$75 / unit
MMP– Handheld $50 / unit$50 / unit
MMS– Ship Station   
 -Ships less than 1600 gross tons 300 / ship300 / ship
 -Ships greater than 1600 gross tons 500 / ship500 / ship
AMAeronautical Mobile Radio$200  
AMB– Base Station $75 / unit$75 / unit
AMR– Repeater $500 / unit$500 / unit
AMM– Mobile $100 / unit$100 / unit
AMP– Handheld $50 / unit$50 / unit
AMA– Aircraft Station $500 / aircraft$500 / aircraft

Class Licence (Type C)

The services that fall under Type C Class License are those that can be construed as other support services and controls for the sector.They include Type Approval, Terminal Equipment Dealer’s Certification and Customer Premises Wiring.

Type Approval

Any device which makes use of the electro-magnetic spectrum or interfaces with the PSTN, must be type approved. For guidelines  click here.

License CodeDescriptionApplication FeeInitial FeeAnnual License Fee
CPWCustomer Premises Wiring$25$100$100
TYPType Approval Certification$500N/AN/A
CIRCustomer Premises Installation and Repair Certification$25$100$100
TEDTelecommunications Equipment Dealer$25$250$250

Frequency Authorization

This is an ancillary license, which would be required in addition to the Individual or Class License for wireless applications or services that require use of the spectrum. In some cases, specifically for services under Class License Type C, the requirements for an Application for Frequency Authorization are satisfied within the respective license application forms.

Special Licence

This is a special license to be issued under the discretion of the Minister and in only emergency or exigent circumstances. These license are not to exceed ten (10) days.

License CodeDescriptionApplication FeeAnnual License Fee
SLSpecial License  


Licence CodeDescriptionApplication FeeInitial FeeAnnual Licence Fee
EXMExamination Fee for Radio Operators$30N/AN/A
SEFInspection Fee

SCHEDULE 3 (Regulation 6)

 PMT  Public Mobile Telecommunication  $1000 $300,000 per Cell Operator 15MHz
 PMT Public Mobile Telecommunication  $1000 for Additional Fequencies $20,000/MHz per freq. pair 
  Public Rdaio paging  $1000 
PRCCommercial $600/Frequency
MBLMicrowave Backhaul$1000 
 <10 MHz bandwidth $7,000 / Frequency
 10-20 MHz bandwidth $10,000 / Frequency
 20-30 MHz bandwidth $12,000 / Frequency
 >30 MHz bandwidth $18,000 / Fequency


 MCL Microwave-Cellular Inter-site $1000 
 <10MHz Bandwidth $5,500 / Frequency Pair 
  10-20 MHz bandwidth  $6000 / Frequency Pair
  20 -30 MHz bandwidth  $6500 / Frequency Pair 
  30 MHz bandwidth   $15,000 / Frequency Pair 
MCO Microwave -Other $1000 
 <10 MHz bandwidth $5,500 / fequency pair 
  10 -20 MHz bandwidth $6,000 / frequency pair 
  20-30MHz bandwidth $6,500 / frequency pair
  >30 MHz bandwidth  
 VST VSAT $1000 
  KU Band  $12,000 / frequency
  C Band $15,000 / frequency
FWAFixed Wireles Acess(WAN,LAN.PBX etc$1000 
 <5 MHz bandwidth $500 / frequency Block
 5-10MHz bandwidth $750 / frequency
 10-15MHz bandwidth $1,000 / frequency Block
 >15 MHz bandwidth $1,500 / Frequency Block
SSSpread Spectrum Applications$1000 
SSA900 MHz FHSS Commercial $20,000
 900 MHz FHSS Non commercial $5,000